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Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), also known as CP Rail or Canadian Pacific, is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, and owns approximately 20,100 kilometers (12,500 mi) of tracks in seven provinces of Canada and into the United States (Source: Wikipedia).
ERP Consulting played a key role in putting in place a system that was fundamental to the organization and ensuring a systematic collaboration amongst all the components, and the principles guiding the design and execution.
We developed the Enterprise Logical Data Model (LDM), facilitated JAD sessions to determine data rules, and held LDM reviews with Data SMEs. We designed complex reports using SAP BEx tools in both SAP BI 7.0 and SAP BW 3.5 including Query Designer, Analyzer, and Web Application Designer. Not only did we apply client standards across the system, checked models in and out of the model repository, but documented data model translation decisions. We designed and implemented SAP BOBI 4.1 design studio dashboard for iPad/mobile users from SAP HANA, SAP BW, and BOBI 4.1 universe data sources. It helped CP make judgments on architectural tradeoffs between competing operational/non-functional system needs. Our team of experts designed and implemented reporting and dashboard services to integrate SAP ECC, SAP BW, and Bex Queries, and we also published a set of Webi reports and dashboard with interactive analytical capabilities associated with SAP ECC 6 and SAP BW module.
Another key responsibility that we fulfilled was to migrate 50k users of SAP and SAP BO Xi3.1 content to SAP BOBI 4.1, BI cloud and Vblock. Our team successfully configured and managed security groups content in BOBI 4.0, BOBI 4.1, and Xi3.1. The company entrusted us with the important task of gathering user requirements, designing technical solutions, and developing technical documentation. Taking the technological advancements to the next level, we installed BOBI 4.0, Mobile 4.0, Explorer 4.0, on Windows 2008 64-bit environment and on Virtual server SAP Cloud. Our team was also involved in designing and configuring Windows AD (SSO) at CP.
Stepping into the realm of optimizing the performance of the Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) environments, ERP consulting set it all up and integrated it with Business Warehouse (BW) and Enterprise Portal. The team handled troubleshooting/tuning the CMS and server tuning parameters for BOBI 4.0 and Xi3.1 environment.

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