The contingent staffing market is at a critical point in the US today. Now that the contingent labor environment is in such a competitive state, it is making it harder to find and keep solid talent.

Call us to learn how our success and proven track record helping companies navigate these challenges can help you as well. Call us or browse our site as we are ready when you are!

ERP Staffing offers an entire spectrum of staffing services. Permanent Staffing, Contract, Contract to Hire, and Payroll Services.


Contract Staffing
We support every category or skill-set. IT, Healthcare, Engineering, Light Industrial, Financial, Admin etc
Contract Staffing
IT, Healthcare, Engineering, Light Industrial, Financial, Admin and Scientific. With over 12 years of experience, we have supported 50 clients all over the country and in Canada.
Contract to Hire
We have been providing Contract to Hire Services for over 2 years with high conversion rates and through seamless process.
Contract to Hire
ERP Staffing makes it seamless for our clients to convert Contract employees to Permanent employees. Our conversion rates are attractive and more than in line with industry standards.
Payroll Services
We've been proving payroll services for more than 2 years and provide customized solutions to our clients.
Payroll Services
We can provide any traditional payroll services to a personalized service. Our team, will ensure that the solution is in line with your company's goal.

At ERP Staffing, we assign industry specific recruitment teams and an Agile recruitment process to ensure we delivery the highest level of service to our clients.

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