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ERP Consulting worked with Credit Suisse when the organization was undergoing a technological transition by developing server installation request workflow and tracking system for the provisioning department by using TIBCO workflow tool.
Our team was integral to gathering user requirements, designing technical solutions, and developing technical documentation. We were responsible for making judgments on architectural tradeoffs between competing operational/non-functional needs of the system and troubleshooting Business Objects issues and knowledge transferring to client staff. In order to streamline the processes, we defined, designed, and implemented logical and physical data models for Enterprise reporting and portal applications. Solutions were provided for different phases of project life cycle, data profiling, data analyzing, methodology for data warehouse, data management, and report application development
Another major task that we fulfilled was to design and deploy universes for end user’s ad gic and corporate reporting, Dashboard reports, and KPI reports requirements. To make things better organized, our team developed various drive tables to resolve complex business rules. We created joins, contexts, and aliases for resolving loops and checked the integrity of the Universes. BO reports were made easily accessible through queries, cross tabs, and master detail while they were designed using sections, combined queries, sub-queries, calculation contexts, commands, user-defined objects report folding, and calculation in crosstabs.
We could successfully transform the system and processes with the use of BO ad hoc reporting capabilities.

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